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The Boon Fly Café serves modern rustic cuisine in a contemporary roadhouse atmosphere. Start your day with our signature Boon Fly donuts, and end it with a gourmet hamburger or one of our nightly dinner specials.

Named for a Carneros pioneer named Boon Fly, who planted orchards and vineyards in the area in the mid-1800s, our café is a homage to local flavor. Resort guests and locals alike are drawn to the energetic vibe and satisfying cuisine that’s based on the agricultural heritage of the region.

Boon Fly, Descended from settlers of the early New England Colonies, was part of the great tradition of wagon trains that brought many of the early families west. In 1849, Boon Fly led a wagon train out of Fayette, Missouri where he had been a maker of silk and fur hats. On arrival to San Francisco he made a modest fortune as a carpenter. He was then drawn to the farmlands north of the city and settled outside of Napa on a property that would become known as the Fly District.